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Building a growth engine portfolio

Programs for executives interested in taking the lead in smashing the boundaries of the market and industry and seeking significant potential growth opportunities


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In a nutshell

This 9–12-month program includes an evaluation of the existing business model portfolio and challenging assumptions within the current strategy. The strength of this program is in placing on the table not only options for new products and services, but also new business models inspired by other industries. To significantly reduce risk, the program includes running growth portfolio experiments with the goal of attaining validated results.


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Fact-based initiatives

Penetrating completely new markets bears tremendous potential, but also comes with risk which can be reduced even in the earliest stages. Business model validation approaches act with a cyclical approach of reducing risk and increasing investment at every single stage.

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Efficient and focused

Using an agile approach, this program invests 30% of time resources in thinking “within the building” and 70% meeting with the real world through targeted feasibility testing.

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Disruptive business models

As part of the program, we’ll present new options for successful disruptive business models from other industries as an inspiration and source of growth


How does it work?

Preparing growth options for a validated acceleration portfolio


1. Adopting perspective

  • Reflecting and recognizing business targets to be achieved

  • Sketching future picture as drawn by company management for various business lines

  • Initial design of the required process and to reach alignment among decision-makers

  • Defining essential stakeholders and partner organizations for the success of the process

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2. Evaluating existing portfolio

  • Learning session to gain familiarity with business design and modeling tools

  • Mapping company business models for all customer segments

  • articulating the environment around the existing model

  • Sketching strategic criteria

  • Building a pantry of assets at our disposal for assessing new models

  • Recognizing potentially disruptive events

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3. Problem-solution angle

  • Intelligent evaluation – identifying golden problems that are worth solving

  • Identifying new customer segments for which we can create value

  • Processing research questions requiring answers at the initial validation stage


4.  Designing
growth options

  • Identifying successful business model patterns

  • Mapping and identifying challenges in dealing with future events on various levels

  • Understanding the business environment through external factors influencing the business model

  • Designing potential business prototypes for validation

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5. Market discovery research

  • Detailed breakdown of customer / decision-maker profile

  • Mapping value propositions for alternatives and competitors

  • Identifying elements to retain / abandon

  • Focusing the value proposition (competitive differentiation)

  • Creating insights about components of the business model (channels, partners, income and pricing models)

  • Identifying recurring patterns and templates that hone your ability to design and validate a growth model


6. Selecting and designing MVP validation experiments

  • Designing validation experiments based on lean startup methodology

  • Defining focus, activities, and success/failure metrics for MVP experimentation

  • Predefining pivot points in accordance with experimentation process

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7. Guiding validation experiment execution

  • Marketing activities (creating precise content and messaging)

  • Field activities (tracking success metrics)

  • Processing and analysis of results and necessary pivots

  • Updating of business models based on insights and results gathered


We’re here to distill relevant insights so you can start making well-founded decisions in one direction. Toward growth.

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