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modelZ is a strategy and innovation agency specializing in design and validation of business models for leading corporates and startups globally.

Our customers benefit from our expertise in crafting and implementing disruptive business models with hacking game-changing value propositions.

We help build growth engines.

Our programs focus on systematically scanning, identifying, and building successful business models from various industries. 

Since 2014, we’re proud to have been part of over three hundred ventures and growth projects.

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What can we do for you?

We specialize in three primary areas to help you face growth challenges

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1. Strategy

Unleash the growth potential of your business portfolio by refreshing and updating your growth strategies, adapted to your vision, quickly and with low risk

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2. Innovation

Transform your innovation program from a collection of ideas to value propositions and market validated business models

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3. Intelligence and research

Leverage the global knowledge ecosystem and our fresh points of analysis to improve, duplicate, disrupt, and gain a market advantage

Building skills within your organization

we push to transform management way of thinking, decision-making logics, and discussions.

managers who work with us become sharper, more flexible, and faster thinkers and doers.

We use the sharpest methodologies, tools, and approaches that enable them to move at necessary speed and flexibility to cope with the challenges of their unique industry. The heart of our projects is the hunt and capturing of meaningful value, in an entrepreneurial mindset

Our mission

In this fast-changing world, CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs need new tools, skills and thought patterns to prepare their companies for the future. To simplify the complexity of developing company strategies, we aspire to imbue organizations with design-oriented thinking, with visual tools and fact-based innovation techniques.


We educate through workshops on business design, online / in-person courses and a range of business innovation programs which aim to kickstart this type of thought within Israeli and international business innovation, geared toward maximizing value and minimizing risk for our clients.


We draw inspiration from a variety of business innovation methodologies such as Lean Startup, Business Model Innovation, and Design Thinking as well as contemporary best practices. Our mission is to impact a growth portfolios that create a better ,value driven entreprenuership

Why rebels love us

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We think business models

That’s what allows us to create flexible, fast, and precise movement among various industries and implement successful recipes of growth engines

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Disruptive thinking

We take initiative and partner in the work alongside our clients to create out-of-the-ordinary solutions. We never quit striving for game-changing results while maximizing our discovery of golden problems and opportunities that yield maximum value

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The self-validating idea

“Trash” all our unfounded ideas through practical experimentation so we’re left with a validated model based soundly on proof and facts

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Dozens of growth engines' experience

We’ve helped create dozens of growth engines in hundreds of projects for Israeli and global companies across 16 different industries

Our Values

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Value first

We’ll leave the hand-waving to our competitors; our focus is on helping you come away with tools for victory

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Setting aside our ego

Your success – is our success


“die hard” entrepreneurs

We’re not here to look on from the sidelines; we’re making things happen and trying on results

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Focus and relevance

We’re constantly searching to raise the bar when it comes to our standards, hour after hour, day after day


Share your greatest challenges with us

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a new way to solve your next challenge

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