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Innovation (Explore)

Build meaningful innovation that captures value –  leave the innovation theater to others.

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Why choose meaningful innovation?

To create growth, don't just bet on a shiny big idea. Meaningful innovation is a systematic way to incubate, retire and grow ideas quickly and inexpensively 

Our guiding principles

Leading a systematic process to minimize risk and maximize certainty until the idea captures value

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Involving all relevant stakeholders and extracting all existing knowledge within the organization to create a pantry of opportunities


Clearly establishing the viable boundaries for the innovation process and the business results you expect

“We understand the need to think differently, but we don’t have time for a long process at right now. We’re looking for a fresh perspective on our existing business model and to disrupt ourselves…”

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Vicky Almog – Eisenberg
Global Innovation Leader @ Intel

Challenges we take on


pick the approach that’s right for you

our most popular 3 main program options
based on vast experience could be customized to your need

Full accelerator program for corporates

Timeframe: 3-6 months


Challenge: Launch innovative projects within the organization


Partners: Innovation teams throughout the organization

Results: 3-5 initial challenged initiatives (which have undergone market testing), ready for investment

Open innovation program

Timeframe: 2-4 months


Challenge: Discover practical ways to combine startups and their innovative models


Partners: Innovation, product, and marketing departments

Results: 5-8 innovative collaboration options, adoption of products and services, and new value propositions worth incorporating into the portfolio

Beyond ideas -
Value proposition
and biz model innovation workshops

Timeframe: 1-2 days


Challenge: Create concepts for products and services and new business models


Partners: Innovators and leaders within your organization

Results: A selection of 10 concepts (out of more than 100 ideas) for innovative models market validation

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Customer impact cases


ModelZ worked with the venture team from Mimun Yashir to introduce innovative elements to their growth engine strategy through international market research


Combining the product design process with customer services in a unique way created fast results within weeks

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How do you create strategic collaboration in a precise, hours-long visual sprint with an innovative startup?


Siemens accelerator program for SaaS solutions and business modeling was a groundbreaking experience for participants

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A portfolio program led to a growth engine from a completely different industry


Discover the program that’s best for you

Share your greatest challenges with us

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