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Beyond ideas – meaningful innovation workshops

Ideation and innovation theater are too basic.

Move on to workshops that create true value beyond the idea and the product


Restart with us


In a nutshell

Meaningful innovation must intersect with desirability, feasibility, and viability. It demands that we abandon our comfort zone, refresh our point of view, and develop new and entrepreneurial ways of thinking. Our innovation workshops last one or two days and are aimed at organizations interested in launching a process of innovation with the potential for true business impact.

We draw out case studies and the most exciting inspirations and allow your teams to design value propositions and business models around their ideas. For any situation, we’ll design the viability criteria with you to ensure that concepts are relevant, feasible, and applicable.


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Find golden problems

Receive tools to identify problems worth solving (sometimes hidden from the eye)


Common shared language
and visual tools

Communication, understanding, and acuity drive teams working together to move faster. Right after our first workshop, participants will be able to use a new language around value, sharpness, and the ability to distinct the core of innovation

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Practical and Applicable

We put “what's next” front and center in the minds of innovation teams by identifying assumptions that need to be validated in the field to test the concept’s feasibility


Concept Portfolio

At each workshop, regardless of its length, we’ll create a number of concepts (models) beyond the raw idea. It’s like taking one practical step forward

How does it work?

Our range of innovation workshops
deliver immediate value

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1. Golden Problems Workshop

  • What are golden problems, how are they created

  • Recognizing innovation value methodology

  • Case study and exercise to identify problems worth solving

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2. Business Model Innovation Workshop

  • Innovation methodology – the invincible company, the lean startup

  • Tools and thought patterns of business design

  • Designing your business model 1.0

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3. Design Thinking Workshop

  • New tools to create value for customers

  • Understanding the customer and their key moments

  • Identifying customer problems that need solving and designing the solution

  • Mapping the competitive landscape

  • Identifying dangerous assumptions that could undermine your idea and need validation

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4. Collaborative Design Workshop with Startups

  • Mapping existing business model for the corporate and the desired startup

  • Designing collaborative models with the startup

  • Selecting “What If?” questions to open up unseen possibilities

  • Working with the startup to extract assumptions that need validation


5. MVP Workshop (Minimum Viable Product)

  • intake conversations with organization stakeholders to understand the challenge

  • Composing an MVP pilot solution

  • Extracting critical assumptions behind the MVP

  • Assembling an experiment kit to test the MVP


Share your greatest challenges with us

We’re here to develop pragmatic programs that maximize the power within your organization and get it moving in one direction. Toward growth.

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