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Market feasibility

Could you know your solution will create a growth engine without launching it?

In just a few weeks, you could reap insights into feasibility and relevance of your idea to the market, without the risk of launching a colossal failure


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In a nutshell

Testing the feasibility of your products and services requires sophisticated research into the market in order to create finely tuned insights about potential customer needs, business models, competitive landscape and financial potential. Our knowledge ecosystem encompasses expert forums and groups all over the world.

Our intelligence team is experienced in working with a wide range of sources, both digital and human, in order to produce facts in a short period of time, creating a single picture – sharp and focused.

For most feasibility assessments, we can produce a clear picture within just 6-8 weeks



Decoding competitors’ business models

For us, competition is more than just a single product or service from another company. We will decode the business model of competitors you need to disrupt

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Problems worth solving

We adopt a customer perspective to hunt for “golden” problems – the ones you need to be solving

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Pivoting with research

Never be stuck with a single option if we discover another one that’s more relevant while we’re in motion. Out broad, deep scanning also finds hidden opportunities


How does it work?

Validating the hidden components that could turn your business
idea upside-down


1. Clarifying the idea and perspective

  • Recognizing the challenge through targeted dialogue with key organization personnel as well as additional information provided at client request

  • Sketching boundaries

  • Assessing relevance (all aspects connected with needs / segmentation / customers)

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2. Focusing and refining questions that demand answers

  • Defining initial field where research will begin

  • Defining primary tools team members will use (to create as focused a picture as possible)


3. Deep dive into the market and the world of content

  • Using advanced and traditional tools:

  • Sophisticated web searches

  • Commercial databases

  • Newspapers and professional publications

  • Conversations with specialists / key personnel from the industry

  • Technological communities

  • Other (not in detail)

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4. Key insights and pivots

  • Integrating findings using ModelZ’s unique methodology for decoding key insights and surprises discovered during the work

  • Finding and detailing pivots (for instance, penetration strategies for additional markets that could be better suited to you)

  • Assessing feasibility (business models, value chain, pricing, transactions/acquisitions executed)

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5. Conclusions and decisions

  • Presenting research using finely-tuned visual tools

  • Focusing on fields where you can create maximum value, adjusted for research goals

  • Recommendations for relevant and feasible implementation directions


We’re here to develop pragmatic programs that maximize the power within your organization and get it moving in one direction. Toward growth.

Share your greatest challenges with us

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