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Open Innovation Program

Discover innovation in unexpected spaces within your startup ecosystem and adopt it as an inspiration source or to ignite a wonderful friendship with the next promising startup


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In a nutshell

Our Open Innovation program is more than just gathering up possibilities of shiny startups.

We adopt your viewpoint to understand your areas of interest and how they serve your growth.

Our ecosystem includes hundreds of organizations, startups, incubators, and accelerators with whom we’re constantly connected. For every program, we offer scouting services through our advanced research department. We prepare innovation kits for any startup / interesting case study (disruptive business model / significant technology and more) which brings ready to adopt concepts  for your innovation and even creating a series of effective collaborative sessions with the startup.

The Open Innovation program timeframe is around 2-4 months.


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Inspiration Kits

For every startup or case study, we’ll create a visual kit using advanced canvases in order to illustrate what could possibly create value  (technology / market / channels and more)

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New Partnerships

modelZ’s intelligence team continuously scans the startup ecosystem in Israel and abroad using contact management systems and database to create a new basis for potential collaborations


Point of View

Together, we’ll map out the interest areas and boundaries where your open innovation and strategy will meet. We call these innovation themes


valuable startup sessions

We’ll design a number of meetings for you with relevant startups, the goal of which are to specific success/failure  metrics in the context of value and creating MVP for feasibility experimentation (PoC)

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Practical Connection

Reassembling your business model, incorporating relevant components from the startup ecosystem

How does it work?

Exploring Value-Accelerating Partnerships


1. Defining innovation themes

  • In conjunction with your innovation team and other teams (strategy / marketing) we’ll define targeted areas of interest for scanning and ascertain that they are in line with organizational / business impact


2. Proof of feasibility

  • ModelZ develops a “sandbox” in which they continually identify startups for collaboration or PoC (proof of feasibility)


3. Analyzing and preparing candidate kits

  • Creating 5-8 kits describing the solution summary, retrospective technology survey, possible uses and potential collaborations / purchases

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4. Refining work model

  • ModelZ will create work tools and methodologies for processes to transfer all results to the customer for independent execution when the period ends

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5. Specifying precise MVP for feasibility

  • Concentrating and creating specifications for success/failure metrics, creating feasibility experiment and collaboration with selected startup as needed


We’re here to develop pragmatic programs that maximize the power within your organization and towards growth.

Share your greatest challenges with us

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