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Adopt successful models or elements from within or outside your industry that are more innovative than your business model – to beat the competition


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In a nutshell

Strategic opportunities are often found in unfamiliar territories, outside of your daily sphere. Our research into successful business models is an innovative service centered around making the right selections of the best models to inspire you, primarily in concealed areas and for the purpose of forging new strategic collaborations. Our research can include, for example, structures of disruptive/successful value chains, subtle value propositions that will lock in long-term customers, market penetration strategies that will capture new customer segments, and more. Our research doesn’t just remain as a shelved collection of recommendations – at the end of every research project, a strategic discussion format takes place to help actualize the insights. Research timeframes are about 4-6 weeks.



Getting ahead of the competition

Implementing “secret recipes” from selected business models (such as customer trapping and locking in various segments, different revenue sources, disruption with a bilateral platform, and more)


pantry of business opportunities

Every model researched provides a chest of assets for adoption or differentiation (customers, value propositions, channels, customer capture and lock-in, collaboration, and more)

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Strategic roadmap

Discover potential strategies you might not have considered otherwise (for example from the advanced realms of digital, data, and platforms)

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Putting customers first

Identify customer problems that competitors claim to solve; design products and services that fit your customer better

How does it work?

Providing you with the most successful and relevant models


1. Adopting perspective

  • Interviews and strategic design meetings with organization stakeholders

  • Identifying limitations

  • Refining and sharpening the questions that need answering

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2. Solving the puzzle

* Which customer problems (jobs to be done) are you interested in solving

  • What are the value propositions, products, and services that you wish to offer

  • Development strategy: direction mapping for future development of the business model

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3. Deep dive into the content space

  • Using advanced and traditional tools:

  • Sophisticated web searches

  • Commercial databases

  • Newspapers and professional publications

  • Conversations with specialists / key personnel from the industry

  • Technological communities

  • Other (not in detail)

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4. Identifying relevant companies

  • Integrating findings using ModelZ’s unique methodology for decoding companies, adapted to the research goals and boundaries

  • Creating a full “identity kit” for every company (including insights and strengths of its business model elements)


5. Mapping and identifying the “secret recipe” of selected companies

  • Mapping business model elements from companies identified such as capturing and locking in various market segments, various income sources

  • Identifying successful patterns in company models

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6. Highlighting possible components for inspiration/adoption

  • Presenting outstanding findings and insights arising from research in a clear, simple, and visual way that’s simple to grasp

  • Presenting ModelZ recommendations (differentiation / adoption / consulting decisions) arising from research findings


We’re here to develop pragmatic programs that maximize the power within your organization and get it moving in one direction. Toward growth.

Share your greatest challenges with us

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