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strategic partnerships

crystalize your search for strategic partners on refining points of connection between your business model and theirs instead of just gathering piles of data


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In a nutshell

Strategic partnerships are a complex puzzle to solve, and many fail due to an incompatibility between business models. Whether you’re looking for a partner for strategic market leveraging or optimizing resources and infrastructure, you must be familiar with their business model in its entirety in order to identify potential regions of synergy and conflict. Our research into key partnerships begins by setting clearly defined criteria from within your existing business model and based on strategic directions you seek to strengthen. Our ecosystem comprises hundreds of organizations, including startups and companies from a wide range of industries. Together, we’ll outline the components for a possible connection and present 5-15 potential candidates, ultimately making the initial contact with them and assessing the feasibility of collaboration.



Connection based on business models

Identifying growth potential in light of implementation / connection to value chains you’re not part of (not just the “immediate suspects”), based on your business model and theirs

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Precisely customized for your strategy

Precise mapping of the fields in which your company seeks to create new value, defining short- and long-term goals, in a way that complements both your strategy and the fit with your customer


nontrivial partnerships

Identifying key partners with broad potential that aren’t necessarily within your own company’s ecosystem with the power to give you a competitive advantage (disruptive technology, extraordinary channels, and more)


How does it work?

Methodical crafting of partnerships to turbocharge the growth you seek


1. Focusing collaboration criteria

  • Mapping the fields in which you’re interested in creating value

  • Focusing on customer segments for which research should create insights: existing market, resegmented market, or new market

  • Defining short- and long-term goals research will answer

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2. Filtering and selection from a final list of 10 candidates

  • Collating findings using ModelZ’s unique methodology for decoding companies meeting the research goals and boundaries

  • Creating a full identity kit for each company (including insights and strengths of the elements of its business model)

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3. Identifying and singling out potential components for connection and customization to your business model

  • Visual presentation of research results, emphasizing insights and patterns connected with potential collaboration

  • Assessing feasibility for partnership for the customer (based on business models or new value opportunities as well as on past transactions)

  • Making initial contact with the companies (optional)


Share your greatest challenges with us

We’re here to develop pragmatic programs that maximize the power within your organization and get it moving in one direction. Toward growth.

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