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Different industries. Different challenges. Since 2014, we’ve helped solve strategy and innovation puzzles for clients across 16+ industries. Our experience shows that it’s possible to blend business models from one industry to another to forge growth.


Industries we’ve influenced


3 leading trends we’ve observed

Office Social Distancing

The 2 meter economy

In the uncertainty defining the world following the COVID crisis, consumers have developed new habits. The need for new ways of thinking and planning a new course and react quickly has transformed from “nice to have” to “essential for doing business.” Companies that can identify opportunities, validate them quickly, and use them to establish new growth engines, can eat into the activities of better-established companies in the market.

Companies that have grown stronger in the wake of the crisis are led by CEOs who know how to quickly estimate influences on the entire business model. Who know how to identify new patterns and opportunities, and to operate definitively to create a pivot. Other companies might not survive.


From product to service – and vice versa

The secret to a successful business model is providing relevant value to customers, inducing their desire to consume. A CEO who monitors the relevance of the value proposition on an ongoing basis, will often find themselves initiating transformational processes for their business model.

Customers today don’t speak just about “a product” or “a service”—they measure value. Measures of customer loyalty are plunging and customers are switching loyalties without looking back if suppliers don’t adapt themselves to new needs and desires.


Transitioning to platform-based business models

A platform-based business model centers around the connection among a number of players, of which each gives and receives a different value. The ability to create this type of model depends on solving the unique value proposition for each player in a way that creates dependency and commitment for all parties within the platform.

Whether you’re tapping into repeat information, scaling up your business model, or any other related element, the CEO or entrepreneur needs to recognize clearly the potential and also the necessary actions inherent in adopting this type of model.


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