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Accelerator Program for Corporates

Get your organization jump onboard the thrilling journey of entrepreneurship and innovation at a whole new level – get to design and test ideas in the real world for meaningful innovation at
a startup speed


innovated with us


In a nutshell

Our accelerator program is aimed at creating value driven innovation while minimizing risks. During the  program you'll develop, assess and create new business ideas in a real world environment.

Your teams will collaborate and gain experience with the lean startup agile approach that's designed to fit new products and services to the market, at startup speed. from our experience with dozens of corporate accelerator programs, we realize that no two programs are alike. Our business designers will custom-tailor the ideal program for you to meet your business goals. The accelerator program duration is normally 3-6 months.


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New Skills for Your Team

Imbue your teams with new skills and techniques to lead innovation processes all the way from end to end

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Problem driven

The customer perspective is built in as part of every program (short or long) in order to reveal inherent needs, decision types, and usage patterns of your new or existing customers

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Connecting Innovation
and Strategy

Defining together with the accelerator steering team the boundaries and strategic business impact to ensure a perfect fit right from the start

How does it work?

From impactful ideas to
validation in the market

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1. connecting innovation and strategy

  • Interviews with central stakeholders

  • Scaled-down executive team workshop to map and polish stakeholder fields for the organization

  • Focus on “How do we define success?"

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2. Idea harvesting 
from the crowd

  • Producing webinars / videos / call out to attract ideas

  • Preparing the idea kit

  • Defining screening / staffing criteria for the ideas

  • Defining IMS (idea management system) requirements

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3. Innovation workshops for accelerator teams

  • We adapt the relevant workshop for innovation teams with a program selected from our variety of innovation workshops (e.g. Golden Problems or Design Thinking Workshop)


4. Customer discovery mentoring

  • Support packages of mentors for every team which include:

  • Holding customer interviews

  • Extracting meaningful insights from interviews; improving interpretation of customer needs

  • Mapping recurring patterns and their meaning

  • Mapping alternatives provided by competitors

  • Polishing value propositions

  • Updating the business model

  • Identifying “healthy failures” and pivot points

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5. Preparing teams and facilitating the shark tank

  • Preparing presentation template with decision-makers

  • Defining methods and scoring tools for various ventures

  • Leading “dry runs” for teams, telling their value story precisely

  • Leading shark tank meeting and analyzing the results

Share your greatest challenges with us

We’re here to develop pragmatic programs to maximize the power within your organization and get it moving in one direction. Toward growth.

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