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Research & Intelligence

Say goodbye to market information –
Say hello to precise, insightful market intelligence

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Why market intelligence?

Intelligence research isn’t (always) the question you start with. We know how to pivot as needed to get to hack the true puzzle

Our guiding principles

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A critique based approach whose ultimate purpose is to validate every assumption fully down to its base

Tapping into an ecosystem with over 100 sources to merge information, knowledge, and recurring patterns


Understanding the entire business picture including the strategic puzzle you need to solve

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Challenges we respond to

“I worked with ModelZ in two different roles. Twice we managed to solve together two business challenges from different directions. Their ability to analyze the market, model the correct patterns, to bring in models from various industries and ultimately to make the business model accessible, clear and practical made the difference, as far as I’m concerned.”

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Arnon Bram
CEO, Magal Systems


Pick the approach that’s right for you

our most popular 3 main program options
based on vast experience could be customized to your need

Assessing Market Feasibility

Timeframe: 6-8 weeks


Challenge: Launching innovative ventures within the market 


Result: Feasibility, relevance, and suitability including possible pivots for the idea

Identify Strategic Partners (for Acquisition)

Timeframe: 6-8 weeks


Challenge: Identifying opportunities for acquisition or relevant collaboration


Result: Precise, deeply analyzed portfolio of strategically suited candidates

Copy from the Best

Timeframe: 4-6 weeks


Challenge: Decoding successful business models to adopt innovative and disruptive elements


Result: Decoded recipes for successful models ready to incorporate into your own strategy

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Customer impact cases


ModelZ worked with the venture team from Mimun Yashir to introduce innovative elements to their growth engine strategy through international market research


Combining the product design process with customer services in a unique way created fast results within weeks

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How do you create strategic collaboration in a precise, hours-long visual sprint with an innovative startup?


Siemens accelerator program for SaaS solutions and business modeling was a groundbreaking experience for participants

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A portfolio program led to a growth engine from a completely different industry


We’re here to distill relevant insights so you can start making well-founded decisions in one direction. Toward growth.

Share your greatest challenges with us

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