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Assembling new value packages with customers

How active collaboration with customers created fast results


The Challenge

Creating product packages that would grab customers’ attention fast

This major division of software vendor VMware faced a complex challenge. Despite a number of innovative technological developments, acquisition of startup companies and creation of disruptive value propositions for its customers, the business results hadn’t coalesced as expected. Customers couldn’t understand the greater story behind the numerous value propositions.

Yaron Riani, VP, SaaS


“We managed to create fast results and insight with customers even during the workshop itself, which translated into product packages just weeks after collaboration with customers.”

Barak Yagur, Development Group Director


The Solution

Two-day collaborative workshop

Following conversations around mapping and 360-degree big-picture analysis, we designed a 3-day process which began with a 2-day workshop for technology and business teams across the entire division. We created another day for tech leaders with senior representatives from company clients, during which their pain points were shared in great detail; then, we designed “solution packages” together to respond to these challenges in the best possible way.


Innovation workshops are a wonderful way to create a single clear, focused picture, a shared language, and a clear understanding of value, team breadth, for an entire department or division, while taking advantage of aggregated knowledge that already exists within the organization. When there’s enough effort and verification with true facts on the group, there’s nothing more efficient than incorporating customers in the thinking and problem-solving process.

The Results

From design to execution

For the new models we designed, we also attached price tags that displayed the value from the customer’s point of view, and within a few weeks of holding the workshop, initial POC agreements had already been signed with customers, with every single stage in the process accompanied by an agreed-upon price tag.

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