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Strategic design workshops

Get fast answers to business questions on your mind, like a drop in demand for your products and services, eroded profitability, gaining advantages over competitors, discovering untapped market opportunities, and more…


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In a nutshell

Sprint workshops are a special format adapted for strategic thinking teams.

A sprint includes assessment and validation of the existing business model and creation of 4-8 alternatives for growth engines by combining successful business model patterns using a fast and practical work method.

We’ve organized hundreds of strategic sprints, and no two have ever been alike.

Our business design team adapts the workshops to the business goals you need to achieve.



4-8 growth engine alternatives for the short and longer term

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Analysis of the existing business model from a value-focused perspective

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Shared language and visual tools for quick business model mapping and understanding

How does it work?

Refining the starting point and
creating a growth pantry

1. Refining business questions to solve

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  • Focusing on business targets / challenge

  • Background dialogue and building a situational picture

  • Assembling the most suitable team for the task

  • Precisely designing and planning the desired end format

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2. Evaluating existing business model portfolio

  • Defining strategic boundaries – what is most viable?

  • Familiarization with business design and modeling tools

  • Creating a pantry of assets for the existing model

  • Recognizing potentially disruptive events


3. Designing alternatives for coping with existing challenge to validation in the field

  • Gaining familiarity with successful business models patterns

  • Extreme scenario games to disrupt convention

  • Understanding the business environment through external influences on the business model

  • Designing potential options for validation


Share your greatest challenges with us

We’re here to distill relevant insights so you can start making well-based decisions in one direction.
Toward growth.

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