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Strategy and growth

Build a portfolio of growth engines in 9-12 months by exploiting your as-is business model and exploring disruptive options

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Do they want it?

Do they want it?

Should we do it?

Why strategy innovation?

Turn tedious strategic approaches to focused business puzzles. Identify the most critical assumptions and validate them in the field.

Our guiding principles


Leveraging agile and visual strategic tools to keep up with the changing environment


 connect strategy with reality using fast validation methods

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Bringing out of the box options to the table beyond your field of vision


“The fact that we’ve learned your method of analyzing and creating the mini business plan using your canvas is very beneficial and at a minimum something that I’m going to use and install in our culture.
I also think that other businesses within Waves will benefit from a similar exercise and I plan to advocate for this.


Eitan David
Vice President and General Manager Consumer Division at Waves Audio


pick the approach that’s right for you

our most popular 3 main program options
based on vast experience could be customized to your need

Building a growth engine portfolio

Timeframe: 9-12 months


Challenge: Assessing impactful new growth engines that have undergone initial market validation


Partners: Our expert validation team and your project manager

Results: Value proposition / business model ready to launch

updating an existing business model

Timeframe: 12-16 weeks


Challenge: Updating the customer value proposition and the business model against competitors


Partners: Strategic initiative teams – ours and yours

Results: New and validated product / service / business model

Strategy design sprint workshops

Timeframe: 1-2 days



Challenge: Finely honed assessment of the as-is business model and creating successful models for future directions


Partners: Executive team

Results: Alternative business models to cope with potential disruption

Customer impact cases


ModelZ worked with the venture team from Mimun Yashir to introduce innovative elements to their growth engine strategy through international market research


Combining the product design process with customer services in a unique way created fast results within weeks

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How do you create strategic collaboration in a precise, hours-long visual sprint with an innovative startup?


Siemens accelerator program for SaaS solutions and business modeling was a groundbreaking experience for participants

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A portfolio program led to a growth engine from a completely different industry


Share your greatest challenges with us

We’re here to distill relevant insights so you can start making well-founded decisions in one direction. Toward growth.

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